Recovery from Eye Blindness Attack, Oculogyric Crisis Reaction:
  • Consume intense Beef, Mushroom, and Yogurt Proteins interwoven through 4 - 10 meal frequency
  • Consume Marijuana regularly
  • Do not consume medicines with Acid and Acidification Ingredient
  • If prescribed Psychiatric Psychotropic Medications, neutralize and consume Marijuana to subdue toxic affliction measures on eyes, ears and brain
  • Take intense Spinach Greens with Creamed Salted Butter
  • Take blue cheese Salad Dressing from Newman's Own
  • Progress Democracy Globally
  • Participate in US Joint Chiefs Jury Programs in Islamic National Development Regions
  • Improve Liberalism in Medical Care Guidelines Globally
  • Signal Jamming Radios to Ears cause Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Dysphoria, OCD, Psychosis, Neurosis and Ear Damage
  • Signal Jamming Radios can cause major brain tumors often from processing deranged Dissonant Speech
  • Signal Jamming Radios outlawed in Geneva Conventions by UN Tribunals during WWII
  • Signal Jamming Radios used on Jews, Muslims and Christians at Concentration Camps in Germany, Austria, and Poland
  • Signal Jamming Radios documented by UN Tribunal and World Court at The Hague to have incited Combatants to derangement in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Pakistan

William Akwasi Eaton Baafi

Contact: 351-322-0414
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Security Analysis Maghreb:

In the future with further cooperation of US Military Defense and Maghribate Union Governmental Agencies, development will occur in Security Apparatus and benign accord between the major regional superpowers. US Joint Chiefs of Staff is augmenting National Emergency Security Guidelines for The United States and MENA Nations as equivalent given the long term threat Al Qaeda once posed to the Global Atmosphere of World Politics and Demobilization in Geo-Political Hotspots
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Stock Trust Funds Maghribate Union:

Amputees Recovery and Surgical Reconstitution Fund

Sierra Leone War Amputee Fund

Libyan and Maroc Amputee Fund

Blue Turbans Savior Society Fund

Maroc Blue Turbans Savior Society Fund

Libyan Blue Turbans Savior Society Fund

Libyan Green Adinkra Surat Ayyat Fund

Ahad Trust Fund

Alantu Trust Fund

Ahad Black Recovery Trust Fund
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
  • Signal Jams cause Oculogyric Crisis for Stationary Victims of Investigationary Assailance
  • US Joint Chiefs of Staff is requesting Americans distribute 10,000 Pounds per week of CBN to treat every Oculogyric Crisis Victim
  • US Defense Intelligence Agency is offering rewards to CBN Growers to develop better medicines optimized to treat Oculogyric Crisis Eye Shock Victims immediately, whereby Somalia NATO Staff coordinate dispatches of CBN Flower to recovery anyone suffering Eye Dystonia
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Sorties Notes and MENA Recovery Now Strikes Planning
  • MENA is the primary zone of improvement for The US Joint Chiefs of Staff Emergency Military Defense Fortress Program including establishment of Fortress of The Muslim Military Bases that end Nazi Specific Islamic Extremism and Felon Erranty ruining the lives of Muslimin Women
  • According to US Joint Chiefs of Staff the construction of Base Fortresses in MENA Nations is required to expand the Emergency Facilities of The US Military started when Bunkers were networked in Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and other primitive Military Protection Order Zones
  • Emergency Staff are required to be hired in Muslim Nations immediately in MENA Now to intensify the Diplomatic Multilateral Emergency Orders of US Department of Defense
  • Emergency Orders of US Joint Chiefs confirmed 100,000 Women in MENA Nations were victims of Whoredom Recruitment Slavery and thus Muslim Imams demanded US Joint Chiefs of Staff to coordinate Military Discussions to afflict Whoredem Males of any age with Air Sorties using B-2 Stealth
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