Court Factions from various jails, including MCI Plymouth and FCI Berlin are associated with Inciting Volition Movement on Witnesses available to write and ledger songs about Active Conflicts in Black Africa. In the case of MCI Plymouth a record of Prison Escapes may be the source
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Security Analysis Africa -|- Aissa La Banda of H.E. Records -|- Reports:

Aissa La Banda is reporting that the threat regarding Wobbling Downed Planes, instructed to death by hackers like Indian Offset Bin Laden Recruitees in Lowell, the method is known, and not valid given the coalescent support of MENA Dub Rap Music and Libyan Settlement Rab Music Entrants to facilitate trade efficacy into economic progress amassing to $100 T per Hour. People of MENA were afraid to travel via Air due to this threat. Now, with TSA and IRS DIA Operations to extend Airport Security through The US Naval Seas Act into MENA, ECOWAS and even Angola and DRC the safety will be afforded. The progress of MENA Black Nations taxing through Bank of Ghana IRS, IRS DIA, and IRS US Joint Chiefs the apartheid losses and mining incident insurance damage, the process of wealth is amalgamated

Aissa La Banda has inherently agreed to intensify US Joint Chiefs of Staff MENA Intervention War Audits at time of 11:20 PM EST 8-11-2022 on Green Mandate Radio at song after complaint about US Military Consortment with MENA Iraqi Adult Women. US Joint Chiefs of Staff is investigating US Privates whom consorted with underage Adult Women in Iraq and requests Iraqi Families and Mosques contact US Armed Services Committee and US Defense Intelligence Agency to document any cases of War Criminal Consortment with Iraqi underage Youth Females

US Joint Chiefs of Staff is documenting for Sorties Clearance the Recruitment of MENA Nations Residents to Criminal Affect Rebellion from Chinese Communist Sources, and Fascist Cells binded to Nazi Invasion of MENA Nations during the Precursors of World War II (WWII). Obvious improvements are planned, yet US Armed Services Committee Defense Spending figures show an inadequacy of response to prevent Rebellion
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Aissa La Banda is documenting the Psychiatric Disorders of Muslims recruited to irreligious passions of death against America. Aissa experienced various threats including presently from these persons not being processed for holding into Geneva Conventions and US Tripartite Act Compliant Jails. The consideration that Airplanes Security will improve was a disaster for some of the less well performing brokers of DeBeers Diamond Corporation.

Moreover, the plots to endanger Ghanaian Taxation against Apartheid were thwarted by Bank of Afghanistan operating cells in Southern ECOWAS to provide Christmas Eid Every Day Donations to poor ECOWAS and Maghribate Union Residents disafforded to programs in Tunisia Contact Form | Contact Us For Dubs

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