News Update - Saudi Royals Attacked:

  • Saudi Royals of Ibn Akyem were targeted, by various groups including Soldiers from US Army Brigades
  • Women throughout Ummah were mistreated
  • Women were deprived of Home Schooling, Parochial Academic Excellence, and generally deprived of work
  • Women were deprived of Rights according to misinterpretation of Quran (Maroc Woman verified in Al Qaeda New Front Video with Bin Yaek Brother)
  • Women were offered no Zakaat and provided nothing to survive
  • Mosques were offering no help and women were recruited to Al Qaedir

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News Update - Saudi Royals Attacked:

  • US DIA disagrees with the behavior of US Army Personnel whom attacked Saudi Royals and requests Prosecutorial Writings in advanced English processed by College Students in Select Ummah Nations
  • Parochial Technical Religious Universities and Charter Advanced Schools will write Prosecutorial Ledgers
  • Saudi Royal Family can then offer Diplomacy for US Military
  • Fashioned to arouse Bin Laden Complaints for this Website's Owner
  • Direct Torture to Orchestrate Unapproved Deauthorized Reciprocity Protection Action
  • US Army was involved and noted just prior to Russian TV no longer airing on Comcast

Volvo Defence Testing SCM
News Update - Saudi Royals Attacked:

  • Saudi's have been targets of US Military Extortion for Generations
  • Many Women and Infants were mortally wounded and no longer live
  • Incitement of Terrorism is what DIA Commander Scott Berrier states about attacks
  • Signal Jamming Death of Ibn Akyem Akhmed was source
  • Was aware this would occur in January 2021 and prior into 1996
  • Saudi Royal Family made no public comment in English

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  • Cannabis would be federally de-scheduled and treated in a manner similar to alcohol.
  • A 3.75 percent excise tax would be imposed on cannabis sales. Revenue would support grant programs for community reentry, law enforcement and Small Business Administration (SBA) aid for newly licensed businesses.
  • The Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) would be the chief regulator for marijuana with respect to interstate commerce.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be limited in its regulatory authority, with the intent being that it would have no more control over cannabis than it does for alcohol except when it comes to medical cannabis. The agency could prescribe serving sizes, certify designated state medical cannabis products and approve and regulate pharmaceuticals derived from marijuana, but could not ban the use of cannabis or its derivatives in non-drug applications, like in designated state medical cannabis products, dietary supplements, foods, beverages, non-drug topicals or cosmetics.
  • Raw cannabis would be considered an agricultural commodity regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • The legislation would grandfather existing state-licensed cannabis operators into the federal scheme to ensure continued patient access and incentivize participation in the legal market.
  • As federal agencies work to promulgate rules, there would be safe harbor provisions to protect patients and marijuana businesses acting in compliance with existing state laws.
  • People with certain federal cannabis convictions that were non-violent would be eligible for expungements.
  • To prevent youth use, there would be a mandatory 21 age limit for recreational cannabis, and the bill also prescribes certain restrictions on things like advertising.
  • SBA would need to treat marijuana businesses the same as other regulated markets, like it does for alcohol companies, for example.
  • The measure also stipulates veterans can’t face discrimination in federal hiring due to cannabis use, and doctors with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would be specifically authorized to issue recommendations for medical cannabis for veterans.
  • Federal agencies could continue to drug test for marijuana.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) would be required to issue a report to Congress on the marijuana industry.
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