Rap Soldier, releasing competent Humanitarian Music since January 2021, is well famous around the world. In Black Music Circles he is known as an outspoken Hashish Dealer, but actually he is a Psychiatric Intern Student in Undergraduate Research Studies. His progress of mentality offers hope to MENA Black Residents and even MENA White Residents, where Arabs mixed with American Soldiers after World War II.
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Security Analysis Africa -|- Rap Soldier of H.E. Records -|- Reports:

Emergency Orders were declared by Libyan Crew in August 2020, after losing their best friends to Air Sorties against Libyan Villages. Rap Soldier fears for his life to report about this in his tracks in any fomented manner, although the warnings are everpresent. The Sorties against Training Camps, in September 4, 2001, according to Rap Soldier would not have been adequate and were counteranced with Unlawful Sorties against Innocent Civilians. MENA Rap Now is a movement of Rab Music Libyan Artists, both talkers, Students, Chanters, performers and Lyricists guiding the World as We Are The People, We Are The World, and We Are The Government
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Aissa La Banda is documenting the Psychiatric Disorders of Muslims recruited to irreligious passions of death against America. Aissa experienced various threats including presently from these persons not being processed for holding into Geneva Conventions and US Tripartite Act Compliant Jails. The consideration that Airplanes Security will improve was a disaster for some of the less well performing brokers of DeBeers Diamond Corporation.

Moreover, the plots to endanger Ghanaian Taxation against Apartheid were thwarted by Bank of Afghanistan operating cells in Southern ECOWAS to provide Christmas Eid Every Day Donations to poor ECOWAS and Maghribate Union Residents disafforded to programs in Tunisia

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