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Contact US Joint Chiefs of Staff with Recruitive Expertise Resumes in Intelligence Geo-Politico Sphering for Female MU-NATO Cadets:

Evasionary Terrorism: Evading Lawsuits using Endangerment and Direct Complicing Terrorism (Noted in Namibia and South Africa Reconciliation and Recompensatory Damages Lawsuit against Germany and Netherlands)
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Crimes Against Humanity: Economic Warfare Driven Acts of Atrocity including Starvation, Racketeering Indigency Deprivement, Profusement of Indigency Proliferate Starvation and Furtherance of Economic Deprivement using Variate Method

We at Islamic Science Education Incorporated advise Assad, be careful and assure to restore order immediately within Holy Syria. The abandoned Munitions from Iraq's War need to be destroyed with care for the planting environs in Syria. We ask Islamic Science Education Inc.'s work against Charles Taylor's Frozen Assets pay for rebuilding Syria and Iraq, levied from the moderate Government of USA, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Atrocities of War: Acts during Warfare including Ignoring Realistic Needs of War Victims, Racketeering Economic Deprivement Models, and Fueling Conflicts through failure to promulgate peace. Currently, The Hague is guilty of these crimes
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Sexualization Coercion Crimes of War: Racketeering any type of Sexualization during Warfare including Coercing War Victims into Profusement of Sexualization subsequent to Conflict Victimization
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