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BET charged with War Crimes and targeting Arabs and Ethiopians. Ethiopia AU and Mali North AU confirms BET will be destroyed and its entire Network Infrastructural to save Comcast Corporation from Closure.
Ethiopian Defence and Somalian Defence Councils are organizing to destroy BET for insulting Ethiopia and Somalia, Maghribate Union Defence agrees. English Chancery and Her Majesty Queen Victoria from excellent Historiographical Document to assure Permanent Reparations, Economic Progress, and Ethical Trade/Development for Akan Diaspora: Diplomacy and Diplomats in Nineteenth Century Asante by Joseph K. Adjaye

Diplomacy & Diplomats in 19th Century Asante: Specialization found expression (QUOTE from Diplomacy and Diplomats in Nineteenth Century Asante)

BET is the primary causation of disprovisionment of Economic Opportunity for Africa and Al Qaeda's existence, using Black Slave Methoding to perpetuate death of Arabs and European Blondes. The methoding of selling Maghribate women and Men into Disorganized Brutalization Warfare Combat, rather than precise operational accountability acuity methoding. In Austria, it was proven in the Weisenberg Museum that The Raum Family, in ordinancing all Eastern Front Courts and Hague Processes with Qadafi and other German Africans that the processes of Modern Day Slavery will end and Space Cometization Terrorism will terminate.

DIA well knew to commence The Hague Conventions Courts with Qadafi's Peace Mandates according to Austrian Supreme Court order in 2017 and 2004 June. Ethiopia History Network allowed on Comcast Corporation operated by Ethiopian Goverment and supported by AU East will help AU West and AU South in Zimbabwe. Thinking logically why Black African Nations disinvolved from Slavery and Slave Trading could enter Broadcasting affords a logic for The Hague Court, Nurembourgh Court, and Austrian Supreme Court to assure progress for Black Africans whom would be despeciated from Prostitution and entered into normative Economic Development. Somalia itself as a nation has been incited into Warfare for the purpose of promulgating a Slave Method associated with Liberia and limited to that nation. GIPC may know this both about PMMC and the delimited economic activity of AU in Mining and Exploitation Activities which cause issues for the Atmosphere of World Politics.

Silvering Defence Engineering Corporation, operating from Ukraine and Siberia, using methods known during First Afghan War has established a contractual method.

  • Defence Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Economic Engineering
  • Societal Engineering
  • Nutrient Based Defence Engineering
  • Anti-Psychotic Media Engineering
  • War Economies Recovery Engineering
  • Marshall Plan of North Africa
  • Demobilisation Engineering
  • Documenting War Crimes and Engineering Defence against Existent Black African War Criminals
  • Engineering M-NATO for Justice Program of EU DIA
  • Sweden Kingdom Pact for United Nations
  • Identification of Indian Hostilities and Invasionary in Syria
  • Iran Iraq War Analysis and Diplomacy
  • Iraq War Environmental Remediation
  • GeoOrganics Inc. Mandates for Environmental Protection
  • GeoOrganics Inc. Mandates for Fair Trade
  • GeoOrganics Inc. Mandates for Sustainable Development
  • GeoOrganics Inc. Mandates for Tax Compliance
  • GeoOrganics Inc. Mandates for Racial Improvement amongst Arabs and Whites

Demobilisation of Maghribate Europeans from Sexualization Oppression. Concentration on Mobilisation of Ethical Militaries and Societal Improvement
Tafari Vision 2020 - Conglomeration Prospects (Collective Security)

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