According to a US Defense Intelligence Agency report, under auspices of the US Federal Government, US Citizens and Immigrants are sprayed with Anandamides and Anandramides Chemical Weapons Agents. These Acts of War are occurrent whilst Islamic Nations are sanctioned associated with The United States Government orchestrating Chemical Weapons Attacks against their Civilians using Local Agent Provocateur Sabotage Factions.

Victim Contact:

William Akwasi Eaton Baafi

Contact: 351-322-0414

Weapons Evaporation Programs are being funded to demobilize armaments. In one day, we have seen a significant evaporation of major stockpiles. Thanking our artists for supporting and airing advertisements to Evaporate Weapons is key to invigorating disarmament. In turn, former combatants and weapons holders are given DIA Leaflets. Peace Now and End War throughout the Ummah MENA Nations - Tahwid Islam. More benefits to Ummah MENA Nations
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Security Analysis Maghreb:

In the future with further cooperation of US Military Defense and Maghribate Union Governmental Agencies, development will occur in Security Apparatus and benign accord between the major regional superpowers. According to a recent informal discussion of Former Senator John Kerry (Democrat - Massachusetts) with Iranian Administrative Clerics, Sanctions on Iran are currently unlawful, egregious, and exceed the legality mark as to compliance methoding. With delegates of Kerry's Negotiations Unit working in Massachusetts and globally, including Senator Warren (Democrat - Massachusetts), the unlawful and demeaning sanctions shall end, congruently verifying that no inference or claim that Iran, nor Syria and Libya, are Apostate States shall be made to worsen Povertization Genocide in these Ethical Islamic States.

The State of Massachusetts was found guilty of Evasion, Genocide Trafficking, and Suppression of Evidence using Witness Tampering, in relation to the Genocides in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, and Mozambique. The State Government, according to Kerry, maintains a poor record in relation to Human Rights and Enforcement of International Laws and Treaties. The Kennedy Assassination may be directly relevant to this fact. ISE Inc. is investigating Claims that The Hague and UN CounterTerrorism Committee are Harbouring Massachusetts, as a direct result of not acting to lessen the Subject Interrogation Body Control Hostaging present on Ras Kwasi, William AE Baafi. In my opinion, there may be limited collusion, yet not formally described in a Offence Query Synthesis. Moreover, awaiting Active Criminal Charges from Disabled War Researchers has proven to be dangerous for all parties involved
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Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Libyan-American AfriCom Development Proposed Treaty by William AE Baafi:

AfriCom can establish Perimeter Aquifer Bases in Libya to enforce the Tripartite Agreements, ending the Nazi Invasion of Ummah Lands. The demobilization of Nazi North African Arab Forces is key. Integrating them to speak freely and fervently for a United Islamic Democratic Union will prove vital. Join AfriCom now and ethically comment regarding improved International Relations between Maghribate Union North Africa and The United States of America

Volvo Defence Testing SCM
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