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Islamic Science Education Inc. Hashish Decruitive Marketing:

We are selling Marijuana High Grade CBD Hemp Flower Online to continue the process of Legalization Normalization of Marijuana Federally in The United States of America. The purveyance of lawfullness in selling Marijuana Online shall help persons victimized by the outlawing and prohibition of the drug during the 1940's.

Our Marijuana, which treats distance oriented Agoraphobia, Depression, and Anxiety, ships via The United States Postal Service and is entirely legal in all Fifty American States and many Foreign Trade Zones including The United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Australia. It is packaged securely, with care for preventing chemogenic alteration of the original Marijuana Plants, and handled humanely in The United States Postal Mail Service for dispatch anywhere Worldwide. We do not accept issuancing Refunds for Seized Marijuana that we dispatch.

Our Prices include Federal and State Taxes, to assure we remain in comprehensive legal compliance with The Internal Revenue Service and updated IRC Guidelines speciate to Marijuana Online Outlets. We ship Priority Mail, Priority Mail International, Express Mail, and Express Mail International. If you opt to have your Marijuana shipped via Express Postal Mail, just contact us at

CashApps Transfer Identification: $WBaafi

The consumer of our Marijuana can send any cash funding amount for immediate dispatch of Marijuana under $10,000. For purchases above $10,000, we coordinate incoming Bank Transfer Wires, both International and Domestic, with Chime Bank and UniBank

UniBank Account Details for Orders above 10 Pounds:
William Akwasi Eaton Baafi: Account Holder
Account Number: 260139657
UniBank’s Routing Number: 211372378
Add 17% State Tax on each Deposit for retainment for Massachusetts DOR Compliance

Our Customer Service Phone Contact is 351-322-5284 / 978-735-9720 / 978-455-4219.

We have various strains of Medical Marijuana in stock.

We accept Donations within our Marijuana Sales, to help Syrians and Libyans as well as all Muslims victimized by Torture, for processing of bonus retail goods, including Islamic Rap Music, separate from the Marijuana Sales to keep prices low at below $2 per Gramme, Dutch Prices of 1998, and direct dispatch Marijuana Trade invoice funds.

We at Islamic Science Education Inc. and our supporters face repeat and Aggravated Oppression of our Rights to consume as well as Distribute Marijuana, thus we request Marijuana Growers contact us to further Exonerative Efforts of NORML Lawyers. Bequested for Marijuana Consumers buying from us, is a mandate of keeping comprehensive records of all Infractions against the Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients, Medical Marijuana Growers, and En Masse Distributors. Currently, Islamic Science Education Inc. is seeking for the Expungence of Records pertinent to all Marijuana Growers, Mass Cultivators, Distributors, Traffickers, and Users, specifically Medical Marijuana Patients. We are developing an Exorbitant Laundry List, cataloged by DIA and Estonia Defence Forces, of persons involved in Targeting Marijuana Distributors, Patients, and Growers, for immediate enforcement of Lethal Execution to maintain our Rights as participants in the Lawful Trade of Marijuana.

All of our transactions in Massachusetts are subject to 10% Excise Tax and 6.25% Sales Tax, inbound in the prices

Terpene Nurtient Rich Cannabis helps reduce neurotoxin effects of being poisoned with Biological Agents and Chemical Pathogens which cause Cerebral Disorders like Agoraphobia, Anxiety and PTSD. Most Americans are on the spectrum of these disorders, thus we offer personal counseling and care for consuming our Marijuana with an Organic Holistic Homeopathic Treatment Diet. The CBG-A found in Terpene Rich Evergreen scented Pine Tree Marijuana and Vermont Outdoor Pine Marijuana is especially useful in the Fall for vaccination and preparation for the Flu Season. I personally used this type of treatment to combat a Norovirus and survive deadly flus such as SARS. It is known that CBG-A can help reduce the effects of blindness and can help vision improve, including Peripheral Vision, Night Time Vision, and resilience against Bright Sun Light, whereby the patient can see more focused and stringently as Moroocan Sailors.

Famous PTSD Treatment Breeds:

Shiva Shanti (Commencement of 1999 Legalization Nationally - Logan Paralegal)
White Widow
Northern Lights
California Orange: Treats Inattentiveness, Hyperactivity, and Various Anxiety Disorders
Red Skunk
Durban Poison
Purple Haze
Big Bud
God's Gift
Lemon Haze
Sour OG
Buddha's Sister
Dutch Treat
Hindu Kush
Big Sur Holy
Mazar I Sharif
Skunk #1
Mexican Sativa
Mango Kush
Northern Lights #5 X Haze
Marley's Collie
Inca Gold
Snow White
OG Kush
Sour Diesel
Hawaiian Haze
Sour Cherry: Afghani #1 crossed with Stable Sativa to reduce Indica tiredness (Helps with improving Peripheral Vision and Limited Night Vision)
Hindu Kush
Mountain Mango - White Widow and Hindu Kush/Crossed with Sensis Mango: Excellent for Treatment of Hyperactivity Distractive Sensitivity Disorder and Long Term Educative Failure Disorder
Early Pearl: Treats Mild Depression
Great White Shark
White Shark
White Rhino
White Russian
Early Girl: Treats Social Anxiety and Social Phobia
Northern Lights #7
Northern Lights
Pakistan Valley Kush
Pakistani Chitral Kush
Pakistani Hash Plant
Purple Pakistani Kush
X18 Pure Pakistani
Pineapple Express
Jack Herer
Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium
Master Kush Skunk
Afghani Hindu Kush
Purple Hindu Kush
Hash Plant
Sour Hindu Kush
Blueberry Afghani
California Orange Cheese
Master Kush

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