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Applications to confirm fact from Al Qaeda, Al Dine, Hamas and Fatah have documented that Al Qaeda was explicitly a Nazi Organization with ties to White Racist Extremist Factions. The delineated attacks on New York and Washington were partly planned by White Extremist Separatists recruiting Indian Expatriates into Terrorism.

During Nazi Germany, Muslims were widely populating Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and Austria. Historical Fact should be checked regarding Decimation of Muslims within Northern Europe during World War I and World War II. Islam reigned in Europe, especially in Austria during the 800's - 1900's. Austrian Muslims are most profound at integrated European Islam, establishing charities that ended The Cold War Purge of Ummah Lands. Russia only attempted to aid Muslim Communities, yet divisive action counteranced progress. American control of oil embargoes Islamic Nations of Progress. Considering that Islam spread at its height just prior to World War II, we document more. Islam often instructed praying to the West and Traveling beyond Maroc into Jamaica and Colombia using Phoenician Type Ships. Many Muslims spread into South America, eventually being decimated with Native South Americans when Hitler promulgated his ratlines into South America's Uruguay and Paraguay

Source: Jeff Beckwith (Independent Freelance Computer Science Engineer) and William AE Baafi (Open Source Ethical Web Engineer)
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Extraction of Commoditized Natural Resources from Arab Lands has orchestrated the funding of various conflicts for Muslim Nations
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