Both Punic Wars caused a looting of Africa's Diamond Mine Diamondiferous Alluvial Rivers proximate to Northern Niger Aquifer Basins. Blood Diamonds and Conflict Precious Minerals Trafficking fueled conflicts. In Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Mozambique, and Mali operational precious minerals trade trafficking premised conflicts erupted. In the past 10 years, the conflicts have decreased and waned. Movements for Democratic change are in progress, with African Governments solving disputes within their populations. In the MENA Nations, Libya, Syria, and Yemen have experienced hostilities, yet the intensified war is with Poverty Mapping and Jobs Mistreatment Slavery. At Islamic Science Education Inc. we are working to demobilize conflict and energise Islamic Democratic Council movements

The US Military was prevented from intervening into African Conflicts by various Conflict Minerals Trafficking Units associated with MI5, British Ministry of Defense, Sweden Forsvarsmakten, and other European Colonial Overseers. The general method of violence faced by AfriCom is interpreted to Active Threat by European Governments mapping Indemnification for Involvement in Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Atrocities of War, Human Smuggling, and Transatlantic Chattel Slavery. General conditions of violence exist against AfriCom due to a Permanent Intent for European Colonial Powers to intensify Indemnification specific to Historical Fact regarding Aggregate Yields generated from Slavery and Colonialism

According to US Joint Chiefs Staff Command Communication Personnel, The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is a stationary assignment of Bribery Agents operating at The US Senate and US House of Representatives conferred to interfere with US Defense Agencies internal auditing to further prohibit Embezzlement, Bribery, Debaucherous Racketeering and Profiteering, and Exhaustion of Earth's Resources

US Joint Chiefs of Staff reports comments specific to improving US Defense Basing in MENA Nations are welcome and eventuated all Marginalization Caused Requests for Remedial Planning have been considered. In common Defense Evidence, Nazification Causation of attacks on American Interests is correctively contextualized for open discussion to accelerate Diplomacy and Economic Unity. In terms of demining in Angola, US Military objectives of demobilization in GeoPolitical Hotspots can succeed given diplomatic agreements

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Communications Personnel have found Signal Jamming and Crimes Commission Hostaging are the most prevalent issues causing conflicts in Africa and The United States of America. In March 2019 UN CounterTerrorism Committee Investigators classifed and unsolved case regarding Dissonant Paranoia Mapping Signal Jamming and referred to Liberia as a Primary Victim of this Long Term Epidemic
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Security Analysis Africa:

Throughout the mismanagement of resources that often led to conflict, Populations in Black Africa, and MENA Nations have suffered. We consider the need to recruit NGO Enterprises to provide adequate benefits to the war affected. Hopefully the progress of Economic Development can assure that African Governments and MENA Nations suffice to offer requisite support to their populations. Considering that the demands were mounting on Governments, we ask that Mosques provide assistance to all affected by poverty, strife, internecine warfare, and intrigue associated with Decolonization. According to Itmoe, doing a Cross-Lateral Network Interview, The South African Government can consider the demands of the Jamaicans and other West Indians disobliged to equal Citizenship Rights in ECOWAS. Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad, according to Rawlings Press Reporter are thinking some of the Immediate Response Recompense Programs of Rawlings and Kuffour are being practiced into law through a media reporting aggregation to achieve common initiative progress

The Zawahiri Contester Bad Student Teachers Pet whom questioned the education program of Al Qaeda and their societal training camps has devouted to concern regarding Nuclear Refinery Exposure AIDS. In a US Joint Chiefs of Staff Reference Book this disease and plague afflicts 95% of Chadian Villagers and 50% of Chadian City Suburbs Residents
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Libyan-American AfriCom Development Proposed Treaty by William AE Baafi:

AfriCom can establish Perimeter Aquifer Bases in Libya to enforce the Tripartite Agreements, ending the Nazi Invasion of Ummah Lands. The demobilization of Nazi North African Arab Forces is key. Integrating them to speak freely and fervently for a United Islamic Democratic Union will prove vital. Join AfriCom now and ethically comment regarding improved International Relations between Maghribate Union North Africa and The United States of America


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