Charles Hastings Eaton II worked as Comptroller of UCONN Storrs and was assigned a role. Rappers from MENA Nations working in intuitive Islamic Rabbinic Protest Rap that is obscured to criminal logic were present. The factive actual presence of MENA Nations Rappers in Southern Connecticut caused an agreement between Bin Laden and Maroc's Democratic Islam Cells previously associated with Al Qaeda in 2 attack phases. During the Casablanca Synogogue Attack, which took the lives of Hundreds of Muslims, Christians and Jews, factions in Western Sahara issued Fatwas to appease the demands of the Al Qaeda Converts

Command Officers of US Joint Chiefs of Staff concerned Cocaine Traffickers being offered Replacement Trusts for Yields used to caused Ecological Damage, Geological Exploitation, and Exhaustive Genocide in South America. Colombian Specific Banks are requested to offer $175,000 per year to Colombian on a Welfare Agreement, where on Television they can voice to support to American NAFTA Complex Presidency

Joint Chiefs Notice:
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Security Analysis Africa -|- Lofe of H.E. Records -|- Reports:

Our security services, according to Lofe, will assure the entire US is safe from crime. We are actively taking rare American Hip Hop Samples in our Offset Violence Neutralization Operational Units to combat Gang Warfare in MENA Nations implemented during pre-Phasal Societal Shifting associated with the 1980's Crack Epidemic and Attica Riots Shipment Intrigue. In the Attica Riots Shipment Intrigue, various Arab Nations were orchestrated to possess WMD's used against their Populations in SWAT Raids. Lofe is concerned that if I mention that these elements made it into Sewage Distribution Plants, that the WMD Attacks will proliferate.


US SENATE ARMED SERVICES DIVISION IS REQUESTED TO OPERATE SEIZURE PROGRAMS OF US RAP MUSIC IN MENA NATIONS. Home Raids may be necessary if Possesser of American Rap Music employs methods, beliefs, doctrine, and oppression technique of Black American Nazi Gangs, Black American KKK Gangs, and Black American Carib Warfare Faction Gangs in their misinterpretation of Islam. Iranian Guards Investment by US Armed Services Division, both in Libya and Iran may be necessary to seize all Warfare Promotion Music labeled Gangster Rap. Emergency Note: Eazy-E was never tried formally in Los Angeles District Courts and Federal Court for Nuclear Attack commenced in various locations including Seabrook New Hampshire during Crack Wave
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Volvo Defence Testing SCM
Libyan-American AfriCom Development Proposed Treaty by William AE Baafi:

AfriCom can establish Perimeter Aquifer Bases in Libya to enforce the Tripartite Agreements, ending the Nazi Invasion of Ummah Lands. The demobilization of Nazi North African Arab Forces is key. Integrating them to speak freely and fervently for a United Islamic Democratic Union will prove vital. Join AfriCom now and ethically comment regarding improved International Relations between Maghribate Union North Africa and The United States of America

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